Tales From Down South

I went down south this past weekend. I tasted some beer and got my hands on my favourite wanky ingredient (not that kind of wanky ingredient, you dirty bird!).


Cacao Stout

My friend Ford came back from his honeymoon down south highly recommending Eagle Bay Brewing Co. around Margaret River. On the way down south with Reetha we missed stopping by the Eagle Bay Brewing Co. due to me not checking a map at any point until we were about 30 minutes past it. It's back closer to Dunsborough it turns out.

As luck would have it when we stopped at Olio Bello for lunch they sold Eagle Bay Brewing Co. brews there. I ordered the Cacao Stout which I pronounced "kak-aye-oh" like a dummy. Well... I say I ordered it. In truth I Reetha ordered the "kak-aye-oh" for me. I threw her under the bus with my mispronunciation and felt like a jerk.

It tasted like my Manic Regressive which was really encouraging. Both had a slight metallic characteristic to it which was relieving to taste because I figured on Manic Regressive it was a result of me screwing up my brew.

After I had two sips I managed to knock the bottle over and spill half of it everywhere. None spilt on Reetha at least.

Swinging Axe Ale

The next day we stopped for lunch at Jarrah Jack's Brewery, just out of Pemberton. The food and pricing was pretty good there but the trainee waiter who wasn't good in a situation spoiled things just a smidge. Anyway. I'm no critic.

They did a 6.0% amber ale with hints of butterscotch called the Swinging Axe Ale. Something along the lines of: "After a long day cutting wood and working up a sweat this is the ale you deserve.".

Another encouraging drink! Maybe it was my unrefined palette but instead of the butterscotch I picked up hints of passionfruit instead. Just like my Amber Alert! Meaning I'm not a bad brewer as I'd convinced myself after my passionfruit cock-up! Or y'know... flip-side: These brewing companies are as bad at brewing as I am.

Humble Rumblings

After Jarrah Jack's we headed to Mountford Organic Wines. While there I got a bottle of cherry port, a bottle of scrumpy and a 1kg jar of Karri honey. This honey will go towards a new batch of my favourite brew, Humble B. I am so excited!

-Bob Hayden

Warning: This blog should demonstrate that I am by no means an expert. I can't guarantee all information here is scientifically accurate. I learn at my own slow pace as I discover and try new things and recall things from school & university.