New Vectonic Website

Out with the old and in with the new.


The new website for Vectonic has gone live. The new hotness. I figured it was about time to scrap the old stupidly vague splash page. You will be missed, oh non-descriptive one!

Old website.

See-ya, sucka.

In the not to distant future I'll be including a roadmap on the site, inspired by the one Starbound used to use. This will show the various development milestones I have in mind, time estimates and a fairly up to date notification of what I'm currently working on. I'm doing this to provide me with some degree of accountability.

I'm sure the visual design of this page will shift and change with my mood as the weeks go on. If anything on the site isn't looking 100% for you then please feel free to let me know using the comment form.

-Bob Hayden