iDer™ - It Just Works

An undoubtedly volatile apple cider that I can't drink for 7 weeks.


With winter fast approaching coming (74 days and counting) I wanted to have a pleasant, warming, wintery apple cider ready to drink cold or hot. So I imagine the trick to wintering up a cider is cinnamon, sweetness and a reasonably high alcohol content.

On yesterday's lunch break I tried to get my hands on a apple cinnamon cider brewing kit for the sake of simplicity. Unfortunately the line of Spiced Apple kits I'd seen previously in stores had been discontinued. No biggy. I had cinnamon at home. So I grabbed Black Rock no-frills cider kit. I also bought a kilo of brown sugar as I figured for maximum sweetness the cider should have a caramel quality to it.

When I got back to the office I discussed my brewing plans for the evening with my co-workers. One discouraged using brown sugar (I would ignore this caution) and recommended adding some apple juice to the fermenter just for kicks.

I took his advice and went to buy some apple juice after work. Woolworths had a "buy two for marginally cheaper" special on so I, being the dummy I am, of course bought two.

POP QUIZ: If 100 millilitres of Apple Juice contains 10.9 grams of sugar, how much sugar does 4 litres contain? Oh... 436 grams. (Not as bad as I thought. When I did the mental maths before writing this. I must've been looking at grams per serving. No. I will not touch the backspace key - for posterity's sake.)

So my ingredients for this brew were:

I threw all the ingredients together and topped it up to 23L. This time I didn't bother using boiling water for the top up. After talking with my dad I decided that Perth tap water is probably clean enough.

Meet the cast.

Meet the cast.

I had a few sips and it tasted pretty great although I thought it could do with a bit more cinnamon. I might chuck some whole cinnamon sticks in later. Maybe I'll forget to do that? Eh.

The kit recommends 2 weeks of primary fermentation with a further 5 weeks once bottled before drinking. Under normal circumstances this would deeply upset me. However given I'm an idiot trying to do a ketosis diet I can wait.

Naturally this cider needs a name. As it's an apple cider I thought up some Apple-themed names which I threw to a focus group:

One member of the focus group, Jacob, threw forward the idea:

iDer™ - It Just Works

Perfect. Just the sort of #innovative, #disruptive thinking Papa Jobs would have loved. I'll ready the labels.

-Bob Hayden

Warning: This blog should demonstrate that I am by no means an expert. I can't guarantee all information here is scientifically accurate. I learn at my own slow pace as I discover and try new things and recall things from school & university.