Humbler B: Delay

I swear I have every intention to maintain this blog.


I'm eager to get started on a new batch of Humble B but there are some technical issues in the way. As I want to advance in the field of brewing I decided to make things harder for myself.

I bought large bag of wheat and malt grain to use with the 1kg jar of Karri honey. There are a few issues with this. The first is that I don't have a mill with which to mill this grain. The second is that I lack the set up to do a non-catastrophic mash and lauter.

Thankfully a co-worker of mine owns a mill that he says I'm welcome to borrow as for the lautering equipment however I'll need to find someone with one of those eskies with the pouring tap hole at the bottom that I can borrow.

As I'm not using a kit there's a lot more for me to screw up. So here's the process as I understand it:

  1. Milling: Smash up the grain - not too finely but smashed up enough for decent subdivision.
  2. Mashing: Heat the milled grain in a mash tun (pot) - not too hot (above ~70°C). Maintaining various temperatures for a while to promote enzymes to convert the grain starches to various sugars particular to that temperature.
  3. Lautering: Filter out the wort (sugary grain juice) from the mash. This where the esky comes into play. Straight from the mashing the mash needs to sit for about an hour in the esky (decently insulated) to settle. The wort is poured out and after a about a quarter of a cup should run clearer, this is the stuff I want.
  4. Sparging: Optionally I can run more water over the mash if I want to collect more wort.
  5. Boiling: Boil the wort to deactive the enzymes and allow the hops, honey (and maybe probably a bag of malt powder) to be dissolved in.
  6. Fermenting: From here it's just a matter of cooling the wort down and adding the yeast and leaving it to ferment for about a week as usual.

I should really get on with this. It should be pretty tasty and the sugar content would indicate I could get a really good buzz on from this. Given the increased effort I'm going to give it a new name like "Humbler B" or something. Actually I'll just settle on Humbler B right now.

-Bob Hayden

Warning: This blog should demonstrate that I am by no means an expert. I can't guarantee all information here is scientifically accurate. I learn at my own slow pace as I discover and try new things and recall things from school & university.