Haha! Whoops...

Not Not Corona... You were trouble from the word go. Now I hear you've gone and weaponised yourself?


Witness accounts report hearing a "loud bang and a ringing clang" earlier today.

Clean-up crew on the scene.

Clean-up crew on the scene.

We've been advised that a clean-up crew has arrived on the scene. (THANK YOU SO MUCH, JACOB! I'M SO SORRY!)

The culprit.

The culprit.

A key suspect has been identified as "Not Not Corona". Those close to Mr. Corona describe him as unremarkable cerveza that didn't strike them as the kind to commit such an act.


After inspecting the Not Not Corona remains I've found that Tap King bottles are not suitable for holding beer. Tap King beers are not carbonated when stored and carbonated at the time of pouring using the carbon dioxide cannisters on the underside of the lid. The cost saving masterminds behind the Tap King made the logical choice not to invest in stronger bottles as there is no for them to hold pressure. There is evidently little ability for them to hold pressure.

Now I have the woeful task of drinking all the other beers inside of the Tap King bottles as soon as possible lest they also explode. Sucks to be me.

-Bob Hayden

Warning: This blog should demonstrate that I am by no means an expert. I can't guarantee all information here is scientifically accurate. I learn at my own slow pace as I discover and try new things and recall things from school & university.